Newsletter 2 – December 2010

| December 1, 2010

Making cycle training fun

Good sense is crucial when we move about in traffic. But the imagination is our best ally if we want to teach our children to cycle both safely and happily. Read all about the positive Danish experiences with cycle training through play.


Cycling children are healthy children; healthy children are happy children

The number of lifestyle-related diseases is on the rise. However, socio-economic studies show that there is a lot to be gained by learning healthy transport habits from an early age — both in terms of fitness ratings and good spirits.


Campaign helps kids remember their lights

Although the number of Danish cyclists who use bike lights has increased during the past five years, one in six still cycle without lights and is thus a danger to themselves and to others. With the campaign “LYS PÅ – med Ludvig” (LIGHTS ON – with Ludvig), the Danish Cyclist Federation is trying to rectify this tendency.


Play streets

The city can be a health-promoting place and stimulate the citizens’ taste for physical activity, but it can also promote disease through noise and air pollution. Odense has decided that they want to belong in the first category!



Safe routes to school

How can we influence the recent development where more and more children are driven to school, so the children instead get out of the car seats and up on their bicycles? Tools like school-route analyses and traffic policies can help make the task of securing the school routes more systematic and ensure that the resources are utilised in the best possible way.


Leadership award for cycling promotion 2011?

Cycling Embassy of Denmark is awarding an individual or an organization with the Leadership Award for Cycling Promotion 2011. But we need your help to nominate the truly dedicated cycling promoters. Mayor Bloomberg, New York City, got the award in 2009, and Roelof Wittink, IC-E, was awarded this year. But who is next?


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