Newsletter 1 – November 2010

| November 1, 2010

The Bicycle Butler – from scolding fingers to oil and a smile

With its new approach to parking problems, the City of Copenhagen attempts to create behavioural change by offering cyclists an extra service.

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Bicycle parking – to do or not to do!

Where do the bicycles go when not in use? Get advice on best practice and bicycle parking do’s and don’ts before deciding on your next bicycle parking facility.

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Cycle tracks that come to you as you go

Do you ever wonder why the Danes cycle so much? According to Lars Gemzøe at Gehl Architects, the reason is simply that it is so easy that the cycle tracks come to you as you go.

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Cycling and leisure time

Combining bicycle-related events with already existing events is a great way to promote leisure-time cycling. Follow the example of Odense.

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How to: create safety for cyclists in Denmark

Motorists’ and cyclists’ awareness of each other is central to traffic safety, and this awareness grows the more cyclists are on the road network – it is a positive spiral.

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Velo-City Global 2010 in Copenhagen

The celebration of the first Velo-City Global was a perfect kick-off for the development of pedal power worldwide. Watch some of the highlights from the conference here. Watch More…

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