| September 29, 2010

To get more people to cycle, it is of great importance to make the bicycle a safe and easy choice. One of the latest and most innovative solutions in safety equipment is the patented battery-free lights from Reelight. Reelight bike light does not use batteries, but produces its own environmentally-friendly energy by means of induction. Reelight is permanently mounted, so you always have your lights with you. They are on whenever you cycle, which makes you more visible and safe in traffic – day and night. According to a study conducted by Reelight, Odense Cycle City and the University of Aalborg, permanent battery-free bike lights reduce accidents by 32% while boosting a cyclists’ sense of security by up to 85%. Reelight provides safety and mobility to cyclists: the safety of always being visible in traffic with lights that are fixed and always lit. Reelight is also about freedom: the freedom of never having to remember to take our bicycle lights with us, to switch them on or change the batteries and the freedom of never having to worry about the impact of bike light batteries on the environment.
Reelight offers traffic planners, politicians, journalists, and other interested in developing a safer city for cyclists the following:
a. A presentation on bike light campaigns. The presentation should give your organization inspiration to initiate improved focus on bike lights and safety for cyclists in your city and provide insight into the possibilities and opportunities of cooperation between municipalities and private companies.
b. A presentation on Reelights cooperation with the municipality of Odense and the University of Aalborg. An experiment was carried out in the city of Odense, which documented a 32 % decrease in the amount of bike accidents when fixed mounted magnetic bike lights were used. The experiment resulted in a change in the law in Denmark – flashing lights are now legal.
c. A presentation on innovative solutions for the cyclist.

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