City of Copenhagen

| September 29, 2010

Although Copenhagen is known as a forerunner in cycling cities, its bicycle culture was not designed and constructed overnight. Copenhagen’s bicycle culture has been in the making for decades. The consistency in prioritizing cyclists on the street scene helps explain the fact that there are more bicycles than citizens in Copenhagen today. In order to maintain and even increase the number of cyclists in Copenhagen, cycling is consistently prioritized in the city’s planning. Initiatives range from the building of more and wider cycle tracks and safe intersections to green waves, LED technology and special-designed slanting garbage bins The City of Copenhagen aims to become the world’s best city for cyclists catering to the cyclists’ every need.

We can assist visitors with:

  1. Presentations on various cycling-related topics from Copenhagen’s bicycle strategy to bicycle culture or specific infrastructural projects.
  2. Guided bicycle tours in Copenhagen visiting and experiencing various bicycle solutions from green waves to cargo bike parking facilities.

Unfortunately, we only have limited resources for the above services, so we also encourage visitors to visit our website: where you can find information on Copenhagen’s bicycle policy and projects as well as a map which details a self-guided cycle tour of the city. For guided tours please make sure to also visit Copenhagen X at

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