| September 21, 2010

COWI is a leading northern European consulting group. We provide state-of-the-art services within the fields of engineering, environmental science and economics. COWI is a leader within its fields because COWI’s 4,800 employees are leaders within theirs.

COWI is leading some of the largest infrastructure projects in the world. We have companies and offices in 35 countries, and project offices in all countries in which we operate. When we undertake consultancy and planning projects, we do so on the basis of extensive local knowledge, and knowing that we can draw on the international experience of our organization.

COWI offers meetings or presentations on cross sectarian consulting services concerning cycle traffic in specific subjects like:

  • Reflection and sparring
  • Planning and prioritization of cycle infrastructure
  • Design of cycle paths
  • Safety for cyclists
  • Operation optimization
  • Planning of bicycle parking
  • Service for cyclists, including public bike sharing systems
  • Campaigns and image
  • Reviews
  • Impact calculations for health, health science and health economics

Resumes: Malene Kofod Nielsen, traffic planner. Website: COWI

Category: Visiting

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