Spread good bike karma!

| September 1, 2010

Local branches of the Municipality of Copenhagen and Danish Cyclists’ Federation have started a campaign that targets the cyclists in the centre of Copenhagen.

The aim is to get the Copenhagen cyclists to behave better on the cycling lanes. The great amount of daily cyclists do not always show their fellow cyclists, car drivers, and pedestrians respect on the roads. Cyclist for example use the inner lane to overtake other cyclists, use the sidewalk as a shortcut, and sometimes run red lights.

Through different street events, the initiators of the campaign will put focus on good behavior on the streets. “Karma cyclists” and Karmakanonen will hand out apples and good advice during the morning traffic and Copenhageners are invited to participate in guided bike trips around the centre of the city. Furthermore, cyclists are encouraged to participate in a questionnaire regarding the safety on the cycle lanes, and the debate on the website of the campaign.

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