Bicycle Parking Manual

| August 16, 2010

Because of the publics consistent use of bikes, bicycle parking is a growing issue in a lot of Danish municipalities. This manual recommends step-by-step how and where to create good facilities. And it really is important, in order to encourage even more people to use the bike as a means of transport.

You can download the manual here: Bicycle Parking Manual

Simply and Basic Principles

Attract attention – Guidance on how to raise the necessary awareness about bicycle parking.

Choose the right location – Guidance on the location of the bicycle parking facility and its visibility in relation to the patterns of movement and destinations of cyclists.

Outline a solution that works – Guidance on space requirements and accessibility. How much space does a given parking solution take up? And how do you find a solution which takes account of the needs of specific users?

Make sure there are enough racks and stands – Guidance on how to ensure that the number of racks and stands and facilities meet the current and future demands for parking.

Identify the right racks and stands – Guidance on choice of good racks and stands for various purposes.

Make parking safe – Guidance on how to design a bicycle parking solution which is safe and secure for cyclists and their bicycles.

Consider operation and maintenance – Guidance on how to ensure that the bicycle parking stays looking good.

Spoil the cyclists – Guidance on choice of design and other facilities. Good design encourages better bicycle parking habits.

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