Co-benefits of cycling

| July 1, 2010


According to John Whitelegg, Professor of Sustainable Transport, most cycling activists and professionals are missing out the important point, that good city planning is not only about cycling, but how we make cities a pleasant place to live. Politicians and decision makers have to look at good city planning in an social economic point of view, here professor Whiteleggs research shows, the fact that car-owners drain the city economy and cyclists add to the economy. And this perspective is often not included in decisions about building new infra structure. He also stresses that if we keep building more roads, more will choose the car and we will finally end up in a public health disaster. But if we on the other hand choose to build cities in a human scale, cycling can be an important solution to the growing obesity health problem.

John Whitelegg is visiting Professor of Sustainable Transport at Liverpool John Moores University and Professor of Sustainable Development at University of York’s Stockholm Environment Institute.

John Whitelegg is also the Managing Director of Eco-Logica Ltd, a transport consultancy based in Lancaster. He has recently added a law degree to his qualifications and is researching the legal implications of a shift to low carbon procurement, local sourcing and the interaction between human rights and environmental quality.

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