Build up slowly and get a strong foundation

| June 29, 2010


You only need two persons to start a bicycle movement. Lake Sagaris, a Canadian urban planner and a journalist living in Santiago, Chile strongly believes that a strong public movement can change cities.

Lake Sagaris is a Canadian urban planner and journalist living in Santiago, Chile, since 1981. She holds a Master of Science in Urban Planning and Community Development and is currently working on a PhD. She is president of Ciudad Viva, a citizen-led organization formed in 2000 in the wake of a strong local movement opposing and significantly changing a highway project, which was to run through Santiago’s beautiful Bellavista neighborhood.

Ciudad Viva is working to improve the quality of life, sustainability and equity among the people of Santiago by incorporating walking and bicycling in urban planning. Lake Sagaris helped organize Santiago’s first car-free day in 2003 closing down the main street in Bellavista, and she started a green map project of Santiago inviting citizens to help pinpoint green living, ecological, social and cultural resources across Santiago.

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