Grand Cycling Day

| June 9, 2010

Sunday, June 13th, is “Grand Cycling Day” in Denmark. On this specific day thousands of Danes will be pedaling on many different bike trips around the country. The events are for children and adults.

It is the sixth consecutive time that Danish Cyclists’ Federation invites people on cycle trips all over the country. The trips are organized by municipalities, cycle clubs, nature interpreters, the local branches of Danish Cyclists’ Federation, and other organizations interested in getting Danes on their bikes.

The Danes have rediscovered their bikes

A new survey has shown that Danes connect their bikes with joy, comfort and contentment. The survey substantiates the fact that bikes evoke more positive associations than any other means of transport.

Cycling Embassy of Denmark can also recognize the increased joy and interest in the means of transport involving two wheels:

-Both common citizens, politicians, and the Danish municipalities recognizes that bikes can help solve problems evolving in our society nowadays; inactivity, health problems, traffic congestion, and pollution. It’s healthy, fun, convenient, and eco-friendly. The Danish cycle culture is more vital than ever”, says Jens Loft Rasmussen director of Danish Cyclists’ Federation and member of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark.

It is full of traditions

The Grand Cycling Day began in 2005 to mark the centenary of the Danish Cyclists’ Federation. The purpose was to start a returning celebration of the bike. The first year consisted of 50 different trips, while Grand Cycling Day in 2008 passed more than 100 different trips. This year more than 100 trips is to be held.

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