The cycling circus is coming to town!

| June 2, 2010

The worlds biggest cycling conference takes place in Copenhagen, June 22-25, and the city is in for quite a cycling party.

We have to admit; Velo-city Global is mostly for cycling specialists and professionals, but luckily the conference is followed by a great cycling party for everybody.

– During Velo-city Global, people from all over the world will experience the city of cyclists – Copenhagen – but the cyclists of Copenhagen are not invited to the conference itself. Because of that, the City of Copenhagen and the Danish Cyclists’ Federation have arranged a three day long cycling party for the citizens of Copenhagen and for the Velo-city participants. Then, everybody can meet each other and have a great experience, says Gry Bauer, coordinator of the events.

The cycling party is entitled; “I Bike CPH – summer days in the city of cyclists”, and will be centered around Øksnehallen and Halmtorvet at Vesterbro, Copenhagen, June 24-26, but events also occur around Copenhagen.

These are the events

Bike Parade

Thursday, June 24, 17.00-19.00

A colorful cycle parade with more than hundred different cyclists. In the parade, there will be a number of bands, who will be playing, while biking in carrier bikes. The parade starts and ends at Øksnehallen.

Bike Parade Lounge

Thursday, June 24, 19.00-22.00

After the bike parade, the space in front of Øksnehallen will be transformed into a party, with music and beers.

Cycle show

Thursday, June 24, 19.00-22.00

New, old, special, and cool bikes of any kind are shown by the owners, who also will demonstrate, what the bikes can do… Everyone is invited to come and have a look and try some of the bikes.

Give a bike to Africa

Thursday, June 24, 19.00-22.00 and fredag d. 25. juni kl. 16.00-20.00

You can donate your bike to Africa. It will be possible at Baisikeli bike rent, who will be at Halmtorvet during the conference.

Bike Film Night

Thursday, June 24, 19.00-22.00 and Friday, June 25, 16.00-21.00

The team behind Copenhagen Bike Film Festival are giving samples of, what to expect at the real festival in September.

Bike Polo

Thursday, June 24, 19.00-23.00 and Friday, June 25, 16.00-21.00

It’s funny to watch, but even funnier to participate. This is your chance to try both. At Halmtorvet, there will be a court, you can borrow clubs – and there will be enough time for comforting and tournament matches.


Thursday, June 24, 19.00-23.00 and Friday, June 25, 16.00-23.00 –  Finals at 23.00

Goldsprint is a simple and festive cycling discipline. Riders on stationary bikes compete against each other in front of a crowd of cheering friends. We will be competing in 400 meters sprint. Everyone can participate!

Alle Kat (Everybody Cat)

Friday, June 25, 19.00-20.30. Award ceremony at 20.45

A Alley Cat is originally a orienteering race for bicycle couriers. This time the couriers invites everyone to try the discipline. It will be a cycling experience for the whole family, who will be navigating around Copenhagen with a tourist map. It starts and ends at Halmtorvet.

Cycling events around Copenhagen

Miljøpunkt KBH, an initiative aimed at helping the Copenhageners become more climate friendly, offers a variety of local cycling related events in the different districts of Copenhagen. A full program has yet to be confirmed.

Departure for Roskilde Festival

Saturday, June 26, 08.00-10.00

The party continues, when the Velo-city conference is over; Start your festival with windswept hair and a green consciousness by riding your own or a borrowed bicycle to Roskilde Festival. The cycling tour is made possible due to our corporation with Danish Cyclists’ Federation and Baisikeli who are all about creating a fun and festive cycling tour to Roskilde Festival 2010.

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