Odense at EXPO 2010

| April 22, 2010

The City of Odense is invited to EXPO 2010 in Shanghai from 1. May – 31st October. It is the first time cities are invited to the expo and only 55 are selected. The theme for  EXPO 2010 is “Better City, Better Life”. More than 200 countries will participate. The selected cities will be located at the Urban Best Practice Area, which is divided into four themes; Odense’s pavilion will be located in the Liveable City theme area and the name is Spinning Wheels.

Smallest pavilion – biggest message!
Spinning Wheels is the fairy tale of the city of Odense, where the bicycle is more than a means of transportation. It is a way of life!

Odense is located 150 km west of Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, and is the 3rd largest city in Denmark. Odense is the birthplace of the world famous story teller Hans Christian Andersen and internationally renowned for its bicycle culture and urban planning.

Sustainability and smart solutions are considered essential elements when modelling a liveable city, a city for the future. At the centre of our exhibition you find the bicycle: spinning around innovative thinking, environmentally friendly choices and healthy living.

Design concept
Odense’s 500 m2 pavilion at EXPO 2010 Shanghai, is constructed around a platform depicting Hans Christian Andersen’s famous paper cutting ”The Sun Face”.®

Cycling is an outdoor activity, and this is reflected in the design concept of the pavilion. The pavilion is an open construction and the main building materials used is glass and steel, allowing the visitor to enjoy the exhibition from all sides, even from above from the nearby “EXPO Harmony Tower”.

Next to the pavilion you find 150 meters of quality Danish bicycle path. Here you are welcome to ride one of our bicycles for free or have your picture taken with Hans Christian Andersen. Well renowned architect/design studio Kvorning Design & Communication are behind the design concept and architectural features of the pavilion.

Exhibition Ideas
Odense’s pavilion tells the modern fairy tale of a city where the proportion of cyclists have been successfully increased through the last decade. This has resulted in healthier and longer living residents, as well as contributed to clearer skies and less traffic jams.

The pavilion has several exhibition rooms, which each shows a specific aspect of the bicycle culture in Odense, Denmark. Some reveals the positive side-effects from riding a bicycle, both towards your own health and towards the environment as a whole. Others show how cycling has become a conscious and individual choice among the city’s residents, who sport fun and stylish helmets and all kinds of bicycles.

Inside the pavilion you also find examples of city-furniture, such as innovative parking facilities and air-pumps, which decorates the city of Odense. Prioritizing mobility and accessibility throughout the city let cyclists know, that they are highly valued in our city, and we do our best to spoil them.

The exhibition also tells the important story about how cooperation between local industries, policy makers and the city’s residents is an essential aspect when promoting cyclism and how it has contributed to Odense becoming an internationally renowned bicycle city.

You can visit the website of the Odense exhibit HERE

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