Dreams on Wheels in Mexico City

| April 14, 2010

Dreams on Wheels promotes cycling culture in Mexico City

The bike exhibit was in the beginning of 2010 in Mexico City. In co-operation with the municipal government, the Danish embassy used the exhibit to diffuse the knowledge of the Danish model – a useful model for cities like Mexico City, which wish to solve problems regarding congestion and climate.

Well-attended exhibition

The exhibition was well-attended among others HRH Prince Joakim and Princess Marie, who attended the opening of the exhibition along with the Mayor of Mexico City and 250 invited guests. Parallel with the exhibition a press campaign was launched including a visit in Copenhagen by a Mexican press delegation. The Mexican press was thereby handed the opportunity to watch and learn, how come one third of the Copenhagen residents commutes by bike.

The ways are getting cleared for cyclists in Mexico City

Mexico City is a mega city with huge challenges regarding mobility, pollution, health and traffic safety. At a glance, the promotion of a cycle transportation culture seems impossible in a city, where private motoring has the upper hand. Furthermore is personal freedom in Mexico equal with ownership of more than one car. The municipal government of the capitol has, since the beginning of the last decade, begun to integrate alternative transport solutions in the traffic strategies. Among other initiatives is the establishment of a cycling secretariat. The cycling secretariat are working to implement different initiatives – one of which Gehl Architects has participated in. Furthermore are Sundays now car-free in the central main street, by which thousands of citizens have the possibility to bike safely in the centre of Mexico City.

Read more about Dreams on Wheels in Mexico: http://www.dreamsonwheelsmexico.com/

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