Handy Lessons From Overseas on Walking and Bicycling

| March 28, 2010 | 2 Comments

A team of 12 U.S. transportation professionals conducted in May 2009 an international scan in Europe focused on bicyclist and pedestrian mobility and safety. The team identified best practices – in Copenhagen and Nakskov among other cities – under six heading; policy, encouragement, engineering, evaluation, enforcement, and education. The cities visited by the scan team demonstrated that it is possible to transition from an automobile-dominated culture to one that embraces alternative modes.

You can read an article summarizing the scan here: Handy Lessons From Overseas on Walking and Bicycling or the full report: Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety and Mobility in Europe

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  1. Jim Nariel says:

    looks like an interesting article – will give this a read later when I have the time to read – sorry canbt read now

  2. Christopher says:

    Don’t they get this in every survey? I know they’ve been the numebr one small town in Bicycling in the past. You think maybe they’re retire Davis’ jersey or something.Now, my dream is that Sacramento makes the list, somewhere, somehow.

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