Municipality of Fredericia

| March 12, 2010

Planning with Cyclists in MindFredericia Cykelby logo

The municipality of Fredericia has a well-established tradition for planning with cyclists in mind: we have more than 140 km of main bicycle paths, and the number of trips made on a bike is similar to the national average of 18 percent. We acknowledging the numerous beneficial side effects associated with cycling and strive to set new and improved standards for cycle traffic. Therefore, we have now launched a large-scale initiative called Fredericia Cycle City.

Fredericia Cycle City is an initiative based on four projects aimed at increasing the number of cyclists, distances traveled by bicycle, and creating a safer and better environment for cyclists. New cycle paths are created, as well as a catalog for local companies with ideas on how to encourage cycling. Additionally, parking facilities in the city will be improved, and a traffic policy for each school in Fredericia will be compiled and implemented, with subsequent campaigns for children. Cycle Score is developed in Fredericia and is today the platform of the European project Bike the Track – Track the Bike

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