Cycle Tourism in Germany

| March 5, 2010

In November 2009 the German tourist organization Deutscher Tourismusverband issued a report on the extent of cycle tourism in Germany. This article will summarize the report.


Germany consider cycle tourists as one of the most important customer segments in the field of tourism. This substantiates, among other things the fact that it is possible to cycle almost anywhere in Germany. The bike contributes to bringing tourists close to the experiences they seek and wish to pay for, it is an eco-friendly way of traveling, and it is in line with the present health tendency. In extent, Germany has experienced a continuous increase in the demand of great cycling adventures.

Definition of cycle tourism

The report focuses both on actual cycle tourism and on other cycle tourism. This means that the focus is on holidays where cycling is the main objective, and on holidays where cycling is part of the trip. The Germans classify the cycle tourists in different subgroups e.g.  sport cyclists, pleasure cyclists, and family cyclists.

Key figures
Gross sales:

Number of tourists Daily consumption Annual  turnover
Other cycle tourists 153 million € 16 € 2.448 billion
Actual cycle tourists 22 million € 64,60 € 1.421 billion

The accumulated turnover is € 3.869 billion. The assessed revenue is thus € 1.892 billion. Half of the turnover results from accommodation and gastronomy. The gross sales including travel costs and induced investments is € 9.163 billion. With it the cycle tourism in Germany is almost as big as the German camping tourism. 186.000 people are employed directly or indirectly in the cycle tourism sector.

Short characteristics of cycle tourists in Germany

  • Mature years – average 45,7 years old
  • Couples without children
  • One income higher than the average
  • 95% are German

Level of demand

  • Every third cycling day is in a large city
  • 80% of the cycle tourism is done from May until October
  • 64% of the cyclists use the Internet as a source of information for their trip
  • Holiday apartments or private accommodation accounts for 43% of the accommodation – 19% are camping
  • Scenery, special offers on the way and clean air are the most important reasons when deciding on a destination
  • 92% pay a visit to restaurants and 84% natural attractions
  • There is a relative low satisfaction with the landscape, which is the most important reason when deciding where to go
  • The average price for a used bikes sold in Germany are 368€. 4.6 million bikes are sold annually, from this 67% are either city, trekking or mountain bikes
  • 77% are trekking cyclists
  • 80% of the cycle tourists ask for transport of their luggage
  • Three thirds of all cycle tourists arrive at their destination in their own car.

You can read the full report (in German) here.

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