| March 2, 2010

A small marvel that grabs attention   – Innovative bike lights         reelight                                                                                             

Reelight is a Danish manufacturer of bike lights. Our patented, battery-free bike lights generate their own eco-friendly power by means of magnets mounted in the spokes and a small generator integrated in the lights. Reelights are always on, making cyclists visible day and night in all kinds of weather. In less than 10 years Reelight has gained dominant market shares in Denmark and our bike lights are further exported to most European countries, USA and Australia.

According to a study conducted by Reelight, Odense Cycle City, TrygFonden, and the University of Aalborg, permanent bike lights reduce accidents by 32% while boosting a cyclists’ sense of security by up to 85%. Today, more than 4 million cyclists worldwide have realised the convenience of having  daytime running, sustainable lights on their bikes.

Key feautures of battery free bike lightsSL100_Front

  • Uses no batteries
  • Always on – always safe
  • No friction
  • Permanently mounted – never forget your ligths
  • Maintenance-free

I 2012 Reelight launched its first battery powered bike lights – Reelight GO. Reelight GO is created for intuitive use and easy storage to  accommodate a modern everyday lifestyle on the go. It sets a new standard for reliable and dependable bike lights for urban cyclists. Reelight GO won the red dot award 2013: best of the best.

Reelight has been awarded several times for design, innovation and user-friendly features. Reelight won the prestigious Eurobike Award for two consecutive years. Innovation, safety and eco-friendliness were the decisive criteria when the jury chose to award the prizes to Reelight.

Many cities and municipalities in Denmark and also other countries have run lightning campaigns to make their citizen aware of the importance of being visible on traffic and that it can can be very easy and without worries of remembering you lights and changing batteries.

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