Municipality of Frederiksberg

| March 2, 2010

Municipality of FrederiksbergSmall Municipality – Big Scale Cycling

The municipality of Frederiksberg is the smallest municipality in Denmark. At just nine square kilometers, and a density of about 10,000 inhabitants per square kilometer, it is the most densely populated local authority in the country. This allows short distances, which in turn provide good opportunities for cycling. In 2007, one third of all trips were by bicycle, and for distances shorter than five kilometers it was nearly half.

The Municipality has a dual approach to cycling:

  • Continue improvements of the physical environment for cycling traffic
  • Strengthen the citizens’ own motivation for cycling

Contact Information:

Municipality of Frederiksberg
The Road- and Park Department
Smallegade 2
2000 Rådhuset

Phone: +45 3821 4220

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