Cycling Embassy of Denmark

| March 1, 2010

The cycle is an integrated part of everyday life in Denmark in contrast to most places in the rest of the world. The choice of using a bike for transportation to and from work, school or leisure activities comes so naturally that most Danes do not consider how unique our cycling culture is.

The Danish cycling culture has existed for many generations, even before climate changes, the economic crisis and obesity acquired the attention of politicians and brought about investments in the cycling field. Denmark has something to offer, when it comes to cycling. The many years of experience and the steadily growing focus on the area of cycling afford the country valuable, attractive and thereby exportable knowledge. This forms the basis of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark (CED) – a network consisting of major Danish municipalities, interest groups, consultancy companies and parts of the cycling industry – a joined force to promote Denmark as a cycling nation. Within the network of CED we can further develop the Danish cycling culture and inspire other countries that wish to promote cycling. To secure a concerted direction for everyone in the network, the following vision and mission are formulated.

In Denmark, there is a magnitude of investment in and knowledge about cycle infrastructure, urban planning and cycle solutions, safety, equipment, health, information and campaigning. Through an active and continuous effort of further development within these areas it will be possible to maintain the status as the leading cycling nation. As a result we will continue to set an example for other countries, inspire each other within the network and share the experiences we have made and will make in the future.

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