Cycling Award to Mayor Bloomberg of New York City

| December 17, 2009

New York has learned from Danish cycling cities as Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen with great results in a short period of time. An addition of 350 kilometers to the New York cycling network in only two years has increased cycling activity with 26% in the past year alone. The additions – in most cases – have been inspired by Danish design and urban planning and particularly by the Danish architecture firm Gehl Architects – a member of Cycling Embassy of Denmark.

Leadership Award for New York City

For that reason, Mayor Bloomberg of New York City was awarded with the first Award of Leadership for Cycling Promotion by the Cycling Embassy of Denmark on December 15th 2009 in Copenhagen.

– We are actually just copying Copenhagen, so as a matter of fact we should be the ones awarding the Danes, answered Mayor Bloomberg with a smile as he received the award.

Inspiration to Other Cities

New York City recently spearheaded a “Cities for Cycling” initiative to advance best practices in every major city in the United States. The Cycling Embassy of Denmark recognizes with great pleasure that Mayor Bloomberg has taken action to transform New York City into a world class cycling city as part of broader sustainability initiatives. New York is a very significant city in the US, a cultural icon, and what happens in New York exerts an influence on people around the world.

Global Conference on Cycling

At the award ceremony Mayor Bloomberg and his colleagues were invited to return to Copenhagen in June to address the Velo-City Global Conference and share the inspirational story with transportation, health, urban planning, and environmental experts from communities around the world.

You can read about New York City’s cycling promotion incentives on:

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