The Cycling Lawyer

| December 11, 2009

Working in a law firm, Lars Kjaer needs to follow a dress code. So every morning when he jumps on his bike to go to work, he’s wearing a suit.

“That’s no problem. If it rains, I just wear rain clothes on top of the suit. I also put on rubber boots and carry my shoes in my bag,” Lars explains. “When I get to work, I just take of my rain gear and tidy myself up a little so I look all right.”

Riding a bike is nothing unusual in the company where Lars works. Every year in May, approximately half of the employees participate in a bike–to-work campaign, and there are always plenty of bikes outside the office building.

“Riding a bike is just part of living in the city. Why should I do something else? It’s three kilometers to work, and it takes me ten minutes on my bicycle. If a drove a car, I would have to make a detour that would take more time. And when you are sitting behind the wheel you get no exercise,” says Lars.

Lars has never considered buying a car, but perhaps he will later on, when he gets married or if he buys a house further away from his job, he thinks. But for now he is doing fine with his bike – it also works well on the weekend when he goes shopping and visits friends.

Lars likes to ride a bike, but the bike he rides is neither fancy nor expensive.

“The bicycle I have is just an ordinary old city bike. It doesn’t matter much to me. The important thing is that it works.”

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