Mail Carrier on Two Wheels

| December 11, 2009

Riding a bike is a part of the job for Zdenka Jankovic – she is a mail carrier. In Denmark, letters are delivered by bicycle in city areas, and the classic yellow ‘mail bike’ is a well-known part of the street life.

“When I pass a school or kindergarten, kids are yelling ‘hello postman’ to me. I sense that people find us bike-riding letter carriers sort of pleasant. They smile at me, and they make room for me in the traffic,” Zdenka says.

Zdenka Jankovic uses the bike so much at work that she cannot even estimate the amount of kilometers she rides every day. Two different bikes help her carry the letters: An ordinary two-wheeled bike, if there is a small amount of letters; and a three wheeled cargo bike, when there are many letters.

To ride the four kilometers between the post office and her home, Zdenka Jankovic uses her own bike. And though you would think that a whole workday of biking was enough – she actually continues riding her bike in her spare time. On summer weekends, she often jumps on the bike and heads for her garden allotment 10 kilometers outside the city.

Zdenka Jankovic has a car, and she uses it for driving long distances, or to go shopping when she needs more groceries than she can carry on her bike. But she prefers the bike.

“It is simply convenient. Copenhagen is a good city for cyclists with its many bike lanes, so I feel safe, and the quickest way to get through the city is to go by bike. Also it is expensive to park my car – but parking a bike is free,” she says.

“I have to ride a bike to do my job. But I also like it. I plan on being a cyclist all my life, even when I am retired.”

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