Commutes to Work on Electric Bike

| December 11, 2009

From their house in the countryside to their work places in the city, Elsebeth Gedde and her husband both have about 18 kilometers to go.But they have chosen two very different means of transportation to get to work: He takes the car; she rides an electric bike.

“I ride 36 kilometers every single work day. For me, that is too long a distance to go on an ordinary bike. I could go by bus or train. But that is quite time-consuming, and there are not many departures where I live, so I would be very dependent on the timetable. It is different with the bike: The bike is ready to go when I am ready to go. It gives me freedom and flexibility,” Elsebeth says.

On Elsebeth’s way to work there is a long stretch of highway without a bike lane. It may sound like a fearsome place to be for a cyclist, but according to Elsebeth it does not feel that way because the car drivers show a great deal of consideration for the cyclists. They slow down and keep their distance.

“My electric bike is great here in the open land in the countryside, where the wind can be strong, and the landscape can be quite hilly. The small motor on the bike makes my trip easy, but I still get good exercise,” she says.

Elsebeth also uses her bike rides as a way to relax. On her way, she listens to talking books, and she says she has never been as well-read as since she started to bike to work.

“I think that many people would find it a pleasure to ride an electric bike. Right now the municipality of Odense is testing 100 electric bikes, and everything indicates that these bikes make it relevant to bike to work for the group of people who have to go 10-20 kilometers to work.”

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