A Politician on Two Wheels

| December 11, 2009

“I cycle approximately 10 kilometers on an average day. I ride my bike everywhere unless it’s very far or if the clothes I wear are very unpractical.For example parties with the queen – you can’t ride a bike wearing a dress with a train!” say Margrethe Vestager.

The main reason that she cycles is that it is quick and practical, but being a politician, she also sees other positives sides to this means of transport. “For me cycling means that I feel more in contact with the people around me – compared to sitting behind a windshield,” she explains. “I prefer being part of the street life.”

And Margrethe is a part of the street life every day when she brings her children to school with her cargo bike. It is very good when it comes to transporting kids, but heavy when she is moving on to get to work. Therefore, she is very happy that the parliament has a system for lending bicycles to the members when they are going out to meetings.

In Denmark, it is so common to ride a bike that no one questions Margrethe’s choice of transportation, but her habit has been met with great surprise by guests from abroad.

“When the IOC met in Copenhagen, we went to see a show at the opera. I was the only one arriving by bicycle in a sea of limousines and taxis. People were pretty amazed, but their reactions were all positive,” she remembers.

Margrethe plans to continue riding a bike for many years. As she puts it: cycling is a very good way to ensure
that you stay healthy and reach a very advanced age.

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