A Cycling Family

| December 11, 2009

Maren Uthaugh does not usually go far on her bicycle, but she uses it every day.Her cargo bicycle ties her everyday life together – she takes her three children to and from nursery, kindergarten, and primary school, and herself to work. The family has an old car, but they only use it a few times each month for grocery shopping or family visits.

“Usually it is a lot faster to go by bicycle, as you avoid traffic and parking related hassles,” says Maren. She is practically unable to imagine her life without a bicycle; Maren uses her bicycle almost everywhere she goes.

“I cannot live without my bicycle for even a single day. In fact, right now my bicycle is due for repairs and I think about it every morning as I rattle along on it. But if I leave it for repairs, I have to go without it, so I haven’t really gotten around to it.”

If it really pours down rain, Maren might bring the bicycle along on the back of a cab, but apart from that hardly anything will make her not ride her bicycle.

“Every time I have been pregnant I have used the bicycle right up to the day before I gave birth. I believe that I will use my bicycle until I am 90 years old – as long as I can move,” she emphasizes.

Her cycling habits are, of course, passed down to the next generation. Even though her children are still small, they all practice riding their bicycles. Until now, they only ride on the sidewalk, but this Christmas her oldest gets a new bicycle, and she will begin cycling to school alongside her mother.

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